Moolack Sunset

Moolack Sunset

Moolack Beach is north of Newport, OR and south of Beverly Beach, OR. It’s marked by a small green sign and a wayside area badly in need of grading and fresh gravel. There is nothing particularly amazing at first about this stretch of beach. It looks like many other places on the Oregon Coast, which is amazing and breathtaking in its own right. It’s hard to stand out when everything around you us is already incredible. No, Moolack is a quiet beach with seemingly nothing to differentiate it from the hundreds of other miles of beach. The real reason to visit Moolack is for the rocks, more correctly, the fossils. This section of the Oregon coast is thick with them. Most of them are small clams and snails, some petrified wood; but larger, more impressive finds have been made.

More importantly, a long hard day was washed away by a stroll on the sand, the sound of the waves, not soul around, and a beautiful sunset.


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