Cougars at the Zoo

Cougars, or mountain lions, are another animal I’m glad to see at the zoo and not in nature. Of course, the likelihood of a cougar seeing you is much better than you seeing it. Sightings in Oregon, and around the rest of the country, are up so maybe the odds are getting better. I’m not sure that’s a good thing. These cougars seemed to be a mother and a nearly grown cub. She hung out in the back most of the time but like any youngster the young one liked to wander about.

Cougars at the Zoo

When some 4-6 year old kids came up to the glass, the cougar had to come over and investigate.
Cougars at the Zoo (4)

The cougars had some magazines and other paper to play with. Many of the other exhibits had them as well.
Cougars at the Zoo (2)

It’s hard to look cool when you have paper stuck to you.
Cougars at the Zoo (3)


One thought on “Cougars at the Zoo

  1. Diana, these are great pictures. I also love the bears yesterday – especially the one in time out. The cougar reminds me of the Charmin commercials with the bears with the “paper pieces” left behind. Patsy

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