Talking Water Garden

Talking Water (4)

I love it when civic projects come together with community projects. I don’t know who’s idea this garden was, but it was a darn good one.

Talking Water

Talking Water is a water treatment program. Most of use don’t think about what happens to the water that goes down our drain, it just goes away and we’re thankful (I know I am).

Talking Water (2)

The water goes from your drain to a treatment facility where it is cleaned. Once it’s cleaned then it is returned to a body of water, generally a river, in this case the Willamette River. The problem is that the water is usually to hot and not quite ready for the river when it’s done being treated. Talking Water is an elegant solution to this issue.

Talking Water (3)

The treated water is filtered through a series of ponds until it finally reaches the river on the other side, safe for the environment. The inspiring part is that they made a community park out of this process. They made an area that is welcoming to wildlife and people. The evening we were there, families, couples, and people taking their dog for a walk all kept the place busy. Instead of an industrial process, they created beauty and community (for people and wildlife) out of what used to be wasteland. Good job Albany!


2 thoughts on “Talking Water Garden

  1. Oooh…Aaaah! These are stunning! Nice place. I’ll have to make a point of getting over there to see it in person. Patsy

    • The most common birds we saw were mallards,coots, and red wing blackbirds; however, a gentleman walking his dog said he has frequently seen a bald eagle. My friend tells me the place is full of frogs, dragonflies, and kinds of critters when the weather warms up.

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