Coast Pigeons

Coast Pigeons

Liking pigeons isn’t cool. I get it, if I’d lived in a city with large colonies I probably wouldn’t like them either. Large colonies of anything tend to leave a mess that other species have a hard time dealing with (sorry humans, this applies to you to).

Coast Pigeons (2)

But I’ve never experienced large colonies of pigeons. Growing up the only place I encountered pigeons was when we traveled to the big city, Portland, Oregon. It’s okay, laugh, but Portland is and was the largest city in Oregon and pretty much the only place I ever encountered pigeons. Like any new immigrant, once they’ve become comfortable with the area they’ve moved out into the rest of the landscape and can be found in many places. One of those places is the coast.

Coast Pigeons (3)

Pigeons may be “rats with wings,” so are seagulls for that matter, but they are beautiful. They come in an every changing variety of colors, often iridescent. I figure if you’re going to have something hanging out begging we’re at least lucky it’s something so beautiful.


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