Field Daisy

Field Daisy

One of my childhood memories is of a field of daisies so tall and so think that when I lay down you could not see me. You could barely see me standing and I was not a particularly short 8 year old. I experienced another world down in the daisies. The buzzing of insects was louder, the horizon smaller, the world filled with the smell of green. It was as if a fantasy world had come alive. Blue filled the sky directly above my flower topped walls of green.

It was a short lived world. My family had moved to that property as caretakers and mowing was one of the jobs included. The spectacular fields of flowers had to go. I accepted it then that it was just the way things worked. I grew up around mow lawns and sidewalks. But now I wonder. No one walked in that area, you could see from one view point to the other for what they needed, and as long as the fields were green there was no fire danger. It’s a strange world that can not tolerate a field of wildflowers.


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