Wild White Rose

Wild White Rose

Wild White Rose (2)

So often we think of roses as delicate particular plants, finicky and demanding, susceptible to disease. Even in Oregon where they are so easy to grow, they can be a challenge.

This is not one of those roses. It’s a lovely big rambling rose growing in a forgotten area, fighting the other plants for it’s share of the sun. The plant must have been 8 feet high by 10 feet wide and who knows how deep. The lovely blooms are only 2 inches across. The wickedly sharp thorns are a brilliant red against the vibrant green stems.

I can’t decide how it got where it’s at, growing along an abandoned road. There are so many options. EE Wilson Wildlife Management Area was once part of Camp Adair. Before it was Camp Adair it was farm land and homesteads. So there are many ways it could have traveled there. Was it left over from the farmers? Was it part of a planting to liven up a military base? Did a bird bring the seed from somewhere else? Is it a natural hybridization from other area roses? The rose isn’t saying so I guess we’ll never know.


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