Big Obsidian Flow from Paulina Peak

Big Obsidian Flow (2)

The Big Obsidian Flow (yep, that’s it name) is the reason that we made this trip. Sure we wanted to check out some other spots but the Flow was our must do.

I didn’t realize that this is the Flow, it’s not quite as impressive at this height. You’ll be able to see this view from the opposite angle in a few days, but it just looks like any other lava flow from up here.

If anybody has information on what the sandy spot in the middle right of the photo is, I would love to hear. There didn’t seem to be any information in the literature I was looking in.

Big Obsidian Flow


It’s large enough that I couldn’t get an angle to fit the whole flow in my viewfinder. The trip up Paulina Peak isn’t for the faint of heart. The gravel road is in good condition but it’s steep with sides that fall away down the mountain. Meeting another vehicle can be tense. You can choose to hike up,  there’s a trail that promises outstanding views, but it’s also steep and in a dry climate. It’s marked strenuous. However you get up there, I recommend it as it will give you a view of the land and the crater as no other spot will. Also, it has the highest public toilet in Oregon. Not everyone can make that claim.


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