Long Horned Beetle

Long Horned Beetle

I have a soft spot for these bugs. This one is all black but we saw several that had black and white striped antenna. They could stay on the hood of the car at up to 50 mph, but that is not why I like them. I like them because as a teen my brother and I would throw a similar beetle at each other. We were working in the woods that summer and the beetles were everywhere and landed on us and our work constantly. He’d take them by the antenna and throw them at me, the only way to survive was to return fire. Besides, at 15 I was still shrieking when a bug landed on me. This was pretty good cure. The trick of course is to fling them hard enough that they land before they can fly off. Poor bugs, at least they never seemed to come to harm. They’re pretty hardy. My brother, of course, claims no memory of these shenanigans.


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