Piling Planters

Piling Planters

Seeds are interesting, they don’t land on a spot and decide whether it’s a good spot or not. If the spot has the absolute minimum to sprout, then it does. It doesn’t worry about space to grow, if it will ever get to bloom, or really anything about the future. It simply grows where it finds itself. What choice does it have? The alternative is to never sprout, never grow at all, to grow old and die without ever having lived.

Piling Planters (2)

There are multiple ways of telling and/or seeing this story. Which way you chose could tell you a great deal about yourself.


2 thoughts on “Piling Planters

  1. These are absolutely awe inspiring. I’m guessing some bird helped them land there) from one end or the other). ☺ You’ve sent out a lot of plants growing in difficult situations lately. I love your eye for the unique. Patsy

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