Mallards of Paulina Creek

Paulina Creek Mallards (1)

This pair of mallards had such lovely coloring. I don’t know if it was their food, the quality of the water, or the way the sun shown that day but they were simply iridescent.

Paulina Creek Mallards (2)

Or, it could have been the amount of time he spent cleaning. He spent more time preening than any duck I’ve seen. The hen spent a decent amount of time preening as well, but was also busy eating. His looks were far more important to him than food.

Paulina Creek Mallards (3)

It’s not like he didn’t keep a watchful eye on us.

Paulina Creek Mallards (4)

But then it was right back to preening.

Paulina Creek Mallards (5)

Admittedly, preening plays a key role in maintianing the oils that keep them waterproof and their feathers in good shape for flying and insulation. This guy was going for the ultimate spa experience though.

Paulina Creek Mallards (6)

Finally he could take a moment and basic in glorious repose.


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