Paulina Creek

Paulina Creek

Paulina Creek is a refreshing stop in a hot climate. Tall trees shade the creek and surrounding area and the rushing water cools the air.

Paulina Creek (2)

If you can take the mosquitoes. At home I’m not bothered by them but apparently my plump, juicy flesh from the Willamette Valley was quite a treat for them. After 20 minutes, and as many bites, I was ready to go.

Paulina Creek (3)

I love that this photo shows how close to the edge of the waterfall the mallards were hanging out. They had no issue with footing or even swimming in the current. Humans would not be so lucky. I guess if the ducks did go over they could fly out of the drop.

Paulina Creek (4)

I still recommend a stop here, just don’t forget your bug spray.


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