Walls of the Flow

Walls of the Flow

I couldn’t leave the subject of the Big Obsidian Flow without including a photo of where the flow stopped. Being a fan of the fantasy genre my first thought upon seeing them was, “The Walls of Mordor.” Not accurate, but it had the right feel.

Walls of the Flow (2)

I can not possibly image what it must have been like to be in this area as the flow came down. Probably nothing living was in the area. But I find it fascinating how the flow just stops. There is no jumble of rocks, a gradual building of thickness, it just stops with it’s impressively vertical walls.

What must the Native Americans think when they found this treasure trove of obsidian? You didn’t even need to hunt for the pieces. You could just walk right up to the wall and pluck out a nice piece (which is now illegal to do).


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