Plaikni Falls

Plaikni Falls-2

These are not my best photos, I know. It would have been fairly hard to get good photos while I was there. Bright sun or shadow and people everywhere. I’m sharing these because if you go to Crater Lake, you should take detour to these falls.

Plaikni Falls

The trail is flat and wide and fairly uninteresting if you don’t geek out on nature (I do and so do the people I was with). You might see some Long Horned Beetles. Also, there are mosquitoes. It is fun to note where the moss stops on the trees, about 10 feet up. That’s the snow line for this forest and explains the lack of underbrush.

After trucking along a dry, hot while you round a corner and before you lays Eden. A resplendant oasis where you can sit all day and listen to falling water and watch the dragon- and butterflies, stare admiringly at the profusion of wildflowers.

Bring a lunch, find a spot you won’t be trampled (like the folks you can spy in the photo), and sit and enjoy.

The Park Service offers interpretive tours so if you want someone to point out all the details, check their website, (which I’m sure will work again once Washington, DC decides to. Most of Crater Lake is closed during the winter anyway).


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