Coral Root Orchid

Coral Root Orchid. Corallorhia maculata-2

Corallorhia maculata

I always think of orchids as the fancy plants you buy in a shop and then can never get to re-bloom once you get them home (I can’t anyway!). But Oregon is full of orchids, some are a match for any hothouse plant, others are quite and shy like this lovely.

Coral Root Orchid. Corallorhia maculata

I didn’t notice it growing by the side of the trail but my friend Mr. Science did (a science teacher). He was very excited to see it. It’s a plant you need to stop and notice and look closely at to see how lovely it is, just like many of the good things we find in life. To heck with the showy roses, stop and admire the orchids (just stay on the trail so you don’t destroy their home).


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