Tehachapi Cottonwoods

Cottonwood Bark

Southeast of Bakersfield along Highway 58 you’ll speed by a little town named Tehachapi, California if you’re not careful.

Cottonwood Bark 2

No reason you would usually stop. While Tehachapi is a clean and tidy town, pretty in its high dessert starkness, most people wouldn’t find a reason to stop. But if you’re a fan of trees or roadside attractions, you should stop. I happen to be a fan of both.

Cottonwood Ingrown

In Philip Marx Central Park you will find a stand of mature cottonwood trees.

Cottonwood Knot

Sit down among them and have a chat.

Cottonwood Knot 2

Don’t worry, they’re very good listeners. Rarely have a met trees more gregarious than these, they enjoy the company.

Cottonwood Lost Limb

If you’re quiet, if you lean in close, if you pay attention, they will tell you their own stories.

Cottonwood New Limb

They have so much to say, to many have forgotten how to listen.

Cottonwoods in the Sky

For those that need to see the tree’s spirit, local artist Kent Holmgren has carved faces into some of the trees (thus the roadside attraction). A sampling is included below.

Tree Face 1

Tree Face 2

Tree Face 3


One thought on “Tehachapi Cottonwoods

  1. Totally awesome. I especially like the photo of the limb that has been cut off. It looks to me like a wooden duck head coming out of the tree. Patsy

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