Abandoned Diamond

Abandoned Diamond (1 of 3)

Dear Reader, I did not abandon you. Okay, I totally abandoned you. But, I did not forget about you and have thought of you frequently.

Abandoned Diamond (2 of 3)

2013 was another interesting year. Interesting as in to many big things, good and bad, happened and at some point I just had to sit back and figure things out. A major remodeling and cleaning needed and is taking place. Time to address lingering issues and decide what’s next. Hopefully it will all turn out looking better than this building.

Abandoned Diamond (3 of 3)

Why Abandoned Diamond? Diamond is the name of the…town?…where I found this building. The larger area may be called Diamond, it’s hard to tell, could be both. Diamond the “town” is a group of buildings in a lush valley located in Southeast Oregon. It was quite a shock to come out of the dry highlands to drop down into a sparkling emerald green valley. The tourist info says there is gas available here. I didn’t see a station, not even a tank. It also says there is food and lodging available, this is somewhat true. There is a cute bed and breakfast that serves meals; however, they only serve them at specific times. Between meal times you are stuck with a small gift shop area that sells soda and candy. Always pack some food when hitting the outback.

Diamond, Oregon, September 2013
Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned


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