Culture Jam: Cheerios

A culture jam basically consists of taking a product and changing it up to draw attention to some issue the artist is interested in. Deadios is my first attempt at not only a culture jam but in using Photoshop to extensively alter a photo.

With this project I wanted to draw attention to the healthy myth surrounding Cheerios. This product has long been sold as a healthy breakfast choice when in reality it is a bowl full of refined, simple carbohydrates and the flavored varieties contains more sugar in one serving than the daily recommended daily allowance. I also wanted to bring attention to the decline in pollinators and industrial agriculture’s role in that process. This project was completed before Cheerios recent goodwill campaign of distributing “wildflower” seeds (please check the package contents as some of the seeds may be illegal to plant in your state as they may contain invasive species that have been banned.)

It took rather longer to complete than expected, especially with a decent bout of the flu slowing me down, so the back of the box was never attempted but I’m quite happy with how the front turned out.


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