Born Perfect

We so frequently believe that those suffering from mental illness are flawed. The Ugly Art Room held a worldwide call to artists for postcards with the theme Fare Thee Well. They define this term as a state of perfection, thoroughly sound, and without any flaws. These are words not usually applied to mental illness. They asked what this meant to us. How did we reach perfection?

Born Perfect - Copy

Diana Ranslam, Born Perfect, 4″ X 6″ color pencil on paper. Prints and other merchandise featuring this art can be ordered here:

The work could be any media but was restricted to a 4″ X 6″ “postcard” and had to be mailed without packaging or envelope.

As I considered these questions, I realized I had come around to a different view these past few years. Each of is born perfect and precious. It is the process of being sent through life that so frequently cancels our perfection and makes us believe that we are imperfect for who we are.

I was showing a friend the Corvallis Arts Center’s web page of the event, where the show is located, and photos of my post card. She told me she could never drop her art, unprotected, in mail and trust that it would make it in one piece to the show. I explained that it was all part of the process. Anything that happened to the card on it’s way just reinforced the idea that life batters and changes who we start out as.

Fare Thee Well is showing at the Corvallis Arts Center through July 29th. The original postcards are offered at $25. Prints and other merchandise featuring Born Perfect may be purchased on my Society6 page.



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